Teddington & Alstone Parish Council exists to serve you

Teddington & Alstone Parish Council is the local decision-making executive for the Parish with powers to determine local affairs and budgets in a variety of areas.


We're a body of local representatives, elected to represent and administer Teddington & Alstone Parish Council every four years. The council meets on the third Tuesday every 2 months, and all council sessions are open for the public to watch  and dates and times of these sessions are published well in advance.


There may be occassions when there is a meeting of the Planning Committee where responses to planning applications are required before the bi monthly meeting of the full Parish Council.


The council elects (and has the power to substitute) the Parish Council Chairperson. This person always represents the whole council and acts as the spokesperson for the Parish Council on all public occasions and chairs the council itself. 


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