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Tewkesbury Borough Council

  Press release

  8 October 2020  



Planning application submitted for Ashchurch bridge


The project to build a new road bridge over the railway in Ashchurch – a crucial part of the new Tewkesbury Garden Town - has progressed a stage further this week following the submission of a planning application by Gloucestershire County Council (the local highways authority) to Tewkesbury Borough Council (the local planning authority).


The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) awarded Tewkesbury Borough Council £8.1m of funding to deliver a bridge that could unlock parcels of land to the east of the railway line which are highlighted in the Garden Town Concept Masterplan as development opportunities. The borough council has commissioned Gloucestershire County Council as a key strategic partner in the project due to its status as the local highways authority.


In developing the application, the two councils have taken into account a substantial amount of feedback gathered by the Garden Town team, online and by phone, earlier this year (after public information events had to be cancelled due to Covid-19). This new milestone marks the beginning of a more formal consultation with the public and other stakeholders as part of the planning process. It presents the opportunity for the public to submit further thoughts and opinions, which will all be considered by Tewkesbury Borough Council’s independent planning committee later in the year, before deciding on whether to permit or refuse the planning application.


If permitted, the bridge structure will include provision for a new road and integrated cycle path and walkway. It will provide improved east-to-west access in parallel with ongoing efforts to further develop masterplanning for the area. The eventual layout of the link roads and housing development unlocked by the new bridge will be part of future planning application submissions. 


Tewkesbury Garden Town’s programme director, Jonathan Dibble, said: “The submission of a planning application for a bridge over the railway in Ashchurch is the next stage in delivering the all-important infrastructure needed to support the new Garden Town – a proper community with homes fit for the future.


“I would urge anyone with an opinion on the bridge to comment on the planning application and get their thoughts heard.”


To comment on the planning application, please visit: